Probiotics and Prebiotics. Why are they beneficial?

Seems like there has been a surge lately in the popularity of Probiotics and Prebiotics.  As a result we now see commercials for foods and medications with “Probiotics” in them.  We have been touting the benefits of both Probiotics and Prebiotics for years.  Here’s why… Probiotics are bacteria, actual living organisms that are useful and […]

Anquan Boldin will play!

Anquan Boldin received treatment at our facility and has been able to participate in all phases of practice and he expects to be “real effective” in the game on Sunday.  History proves that Anquan is one tough character after a brutal hit in the Jets game fractured his facial bones.  Please read the full report posted […]

Vitamins – there is a difference

Foods, by design, provide the necessary elements to keep a body healthy.  Currently, over 3,800 compounds which have nutritional significance have been identified in foods.  The concept of a vitamin supplement is to replace nutrition that is lacking in overly processed foods which support our current lifestyles.   What is a vitamin?  An organic substance […]

What’s Going on With Our Kids?

Recently a study was conducted by the CDC/NCHS which states that food allergies are on the increase in children, but experts are unsure of the cause.  Why are our children, in this day and age of health, nutrition and exercise awareness, having an increase in all kinds of diseases, including those diseases that used to only affect […]

Tryptophan and the “turkey snooze”

Just so everyone knows, it’s not the tryptophan in turkey that makes us so tired after our Thanksgiving meal.  So, what is it then? We know that Tryptophan is an amino acid present in many foods. However, in no way does turkey have an unusually high concentration.  In fact, many beans and even beef has […]

The Dirt on Dirt

The soil that we depend on to plant our crops and sustain life through plant growth and oxygen production is being quickly destroyed.  Soil degradation may be one of the most important issues facing our world in the coming years.  By the year 2030 estimates show the population exceeding 8.3 billion, that is of concern […]

Why Detox?

Cleansing or Detoxing (as some people refer to it) is the process of removing unwanted and unusable chemicals from the tissues of your body. Your body is constantly working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year cleansing and removing unwanted particles from its cells (the popular terminology “free radicals” sound […]

Report from Johns Hopkins University

Here is another example of a “revolutionary” concept that vegetables can protect people from disease.  Veggies May Protect Women from Diabetes.. It is always nice to see when science and research validate what we have been preaching for years.  Being told that eating more vegetables is good for your health is nothing new.  When the […]

Bottled Water

We all need water, all living things do.  Unfortunately a vast majority of us do not drink enough.  With so many beverage choices, it becomes difficult to make the right choice to quench our thirst.  However, water is the only truly suitable liquid for the human body.  The most common types of water choices include […]

Vitamin D, Sunlight, and Sunscreen – Sunscreen

Everybody knows that when we spend time in the sun, we need to protect ourselves from excessive exposure. Most people assume that slathering on sunscreen will stop the damaging rays that cause premature aging and skin cancer, but there is evidence to the contrary. We already know the benefits of daily sunlight exposure and the Vitamin D […]

Vitamin D, Sunlight, and Sunscreen – Sunlight

Sunlight.  It seems simple enough.  We use it to grow crops and to raise livestock.  We use it to regulate our sleep/wake cycles, and we also avoid it at all costs.  We have unfortunately been led to believe that sunlight equals skin cancer and premature aging and that is just not true.  Another falsity that […]

Vitamin D, Sunlight and Sunscreen – Vitamin D

Lately, a lot of press has touted the benefits of very high Vitamin D intake (higher than the Recommended Daily Allowance).  High Vitamin D intake reportedly leads to a signification reduction in bone loss, improvements in energy, mood and immune function, fewer cancers and even a lower overall death rate.  Recent press has also put […]