Anquan Boldin will play!

Anquan Boldin received treatment at our facility and has been able to participate in all phases of practice and he expects to be “real effective” in the game on Sunday.  History proves that Anquan is one tough character after a brutal hit in the Jets game fractured his facial bones.  Please read the full report posted on January 14th by the Associated Press on ESPN in regards to the status of Anquan Boldin playing on Sunday.  See the whole article here.

“He flew to Dallas on Monday for treatment from chiropractor Robert Parker, whose patients include Boldin’s former teammate Emmitt Smith. As Boldin explained, the earlier injury affected the muscles around the hip and eventually led to the hamstring problem.”

We are very proud and excited that we were able to help Anquan and know he will be awesome in the game on Sunday!  Go Cardinals!