“Recover 21” to recover your health!


As 2014 comes to and end, we start to think about what we are going to do in 2015 to make it a better year.  There is nothing more important than our health.  Last year we added a new program to our line called Recover 21. It is a 21 day program to get you on the road to a new and better you…

What it IS:
– A deep and gentle cleanse for your liver, kidneys, and intestinal tract using specifically formulated products.
– A healthy, permanent way to lose weight
– A completely balanced, nutrient-dense, life-supporting system
– An energy producer without the use of harmful stimulants like caffeine
– An immune system builder and hormonal balancer
– A simple-to-follow plan that everyone can do, and not just for a short time. We initially use products like Greens, Reds, and Protein to ensure you get completely balanced nutrition while learning how to fuel your body with real food. The eating plan you will learn in the Recover 21 booklet will last the rest of your life.
– A way to determine what foods work for you and what foods you may be sensitive to, and therefore want to avoid.

What it ISN’T:
– A fad diet that will make you lose weight through unhealthy practices, causing damage to your organs and tissues.
– A bunch of “energy” products claiming to be natural, but really loaded with caffeine and other stimulants. These are DANGEROUS! They initially make you feel energetic and decrease your appetite by over-stimulating your adrenal glands. Eventually, you will end up with severe hormonal imbalance causing a LONG list of health issues as well as weight gain. Understand that just as your car runs on gas, your body was meant to run on food. If you are dragging by mid-afternoon and need an energy boost, something is not working correctly in your body. Fix the problem, don’t throw caffeine at the symptom!
– products containing artificial sweeteners like Sucralose and Aspartame, that have been proven to be toxic in countless independent studies. They have also shown to increase sugar cravings exponentially. These types of products will NEVER lead to a healthy body.

We have seen phenomenal results using this program.  Here are some recent comments:

“I lost 21 pounds and feel confident that I can keep it off because I have learned how to eat and what foods my body cannot handle.”

“I am sleeping all night without waking up.”

“I didn’t know how bad I felt before because I was so used to feeling that way and just thought it was normal.”

“Food tastes better now.  I’ve regained my love for fruits and vegetables.”

“My husband and I lost noticeable weight and continue to do so, have more energy and feel less stressed. This program has helped us easily create a healthy lifestyle change.”

“I have more energy than I thought was possible.  I don’t dread exercising anymore.”

“My brain feels more clear, like the fog has lifted.  I don’t feel as moody.”

“Hmmm…how do I say this?  I’m evacuating better than ever!”

“I basically forced my husband to do it with me.  He complained for the first three days and then admitted he was feeling so good that he wanted to keep it up.”

“I did a challenge program last summer that consisted of drinking lots of meal replacements and taking energy shots throughout the day.  I did lose weight, but my blood pressure went up and I started getting regular headaches.  I just finished Recover 21.  I not only lost weight, but I feel like I’ve really done something good for my body.”

Check out Recover 21 today and get ready for a happy and healthy 2015!