Pig Flu, Smig Flu. What’s all the hype?

A quick note about the hype surrounding the swine flu pandemic.  Being in Texas, we have a heightened sense of urgency about this thing.  Is it warranted?  Well maybe, the flu can definitely be damaging and it certainly has had some fatalities.  But in the end it is really just a flu with symptoms not very different from other strains of the flu, and an outcome that is most often resolved with minor symptoms and no medical treatment.  What can you do to protect yourself?  This is really just the same as it would be with any other flu outbreak.  Practice good hygiene, especially in public places.  Eat healthy as to keep your body under as little chemical stress as possible, and boost your immune system with plenty of fresh air and sunshine (a few smiles wouldn’t hurt either).  If symptoms do show up, a general anti-viral protocol can be followed in addition to the above recommendations.  At this point, the information we are seeing regarding this virus is that it should be taken seriously, though it most likely will not prove to be the major pandemic that we are seemingly being bombarded with.  Maybe the media is a bit over-the-top, but that is their job – to get your attention.  Now that you’re aware that the swine flu has moved to humans, make good healthy choices to keep yourself safe – as you would with any flu outbreak.