McDonald’s Profits UP! Fast Food Time Bomb

Even with the current state of the economy, fast food restaurants are thriving.  Why is this?  Cheap, quick foods loaded with fats can not only ease the current strain on the wallet, but the high fat content in these foods also helps release endorphins in the brain, providing a temporary feeling of satisfaction and happiness.  But there is a high price our bodies pay for this low cost meal.

There are obvious nutritional reasons to not consume fast foods, but there are also reasons that are not so obvious.  The meats and poultry treated with antiobitics and steroids, the lettuce, tomatoes and onions that have been doused with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and then covered with artificial preservatives to keep them looking fresh.  Even the salads and fruits offered as the healthy choice are loaded, doused and covered with these chemicals.  Consuming chemicals is not what keeps a human body healthy.  

We know that fatty, sugary and salty fast foods lead to obesity and the diseases and conditions associated with it.  Diseases of the heart, liver, kidney, joint and arthritis pain, cognitive dysfunction, bowel dysfunction and even emotional challenges from living with an unhealthy body stuffed with poor nutrition.  All of these ailments will and do cost much more than any amount of money that can be saved by engulfing these fast food time bombs.