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Drs. Robert and Kellie Parker have been helping patients achieve greater health since 1991. Dr. Rob Parker, continuing three generations of healing, is dedicated to treat and educate patients and health professionals from around the world. Due to his family's involvement in health care, Dr. Rob Parker's education into the field of natural health started at a very young age.

Dr. Parker explains, "The knowledge I obtained during my unique upbringing is the foundation for the health care system we employ at Parker Health Solutions today. Utilizing many different treatment options we are better equipped to serve your specific type of problem. Education is a key to your healing at Parker Health Solutions. You must first know what is wrong in your body that is creating the symptom; second, why it showed up in your body; and third, what you need to do to correct it. While going through this process you will learn about your state of health and how to continually improve it."

The health center is well known for its work with professional athletes. Dr. Rob Parker has been featured on ESPN, HBO, TNT and local news and radio shows talking about the clinic's successful work with many athletes from the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, the PGA and track and field stars.

At Parker Health Solutions we want to help you achieve your personal best-your ultimate health. We will help you get back on your path to better health. Explore our website and find valuable information available to you free:

  • Find a healthy eating plan that you and your family can start right away to bring you greater health.
  • Learn all the wonderful benefits of juicing and how it can positively affect your health.
  • Learn about whole food nutritional supplements and how they can put you on the fast track to health.
  • Find delicious snacks that are actually good for you.
  • Use an easy chart to track your progress.
  • Hear informative and fun presentations, which will help you, become more knowledgeable about your health.
  • Take a free test and find out what kind of nutritional recommendations are right for you or simply call us today at (972) 751-9966 and speak with our friendly assistant about how you can improve your life!
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